The 59th Street House is a culmination of our research into light gauge steel studs. As part of our research, we used CAD/CAM technology to produce prototype furniture made with custom rolled, cut and punched light gauge steel. In a similar fashion with the 59th Street House we are proposing to work with a predetermined industry standard and to invent ways to transform an off-the-shelf product and its conventional application. While working with the standards of industrial production, we now have greater opportunities to determine the shape and form of these products. In this way we hope to move away from an over-reliance on Sweet’s catalog towards the design build in the arts and craft tradition, where architects, designers and fabricators can work together more directly. Ultimately, with the help of the state of the art, portable CNC sheet metal roll-forming machines we can create more flexible, affordable and customizable designs that reintroduce ambiguity, complexity and subjectivity into the industrialized production of space.

ServicesArchitectural, Engineering, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Construction Administration, Design-BuildYear2000