NZE : The Net-Zero Energy School Prototypes is a highly flexible building and a Net-Zero Energy (NZE) consumer that is a replicable model of sustainability. The building comprises two independent structural systems:
1. A Pre-engineered Metal Building Shell
2. A Reconfigurable Interior “Mezzanine”
It is a ready-make kit-of-parts system assembled from off-the-shelf components for maximum performance, flexibility and adaptability. The NZE Prototype design is not a singular building solution, but rather a set of strategies for solving myriad need for one of the most complex and diverse K-12 systems in the US.

In the face of global economic crisis, ever-increasing building costs, regulatory complexity, and ecological imperatives, we embrace R. Buckminster Fuller’s maxim of doing the most with the least, which lies at the core of the NZE Prototype Design Concept.

We have the opportunity to design and construct healthy, high performance, grid-neutral schools, to conserve resources, to educate stewards of our environment,and to build a greener economy.

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