Project Type: New campus development for K-8 school
Location: Yuba City, CA
Site Area: 6.3 acres
Project Size: 40,580 SF
Delivery Method: Design-Build w/ Hilbers Inc.
Client: Twin Rivers Charter School

The Twin Rivers Charter School buildings are highly energy efficient and sustainable, and incorporate a number of innovative systems. All major building components are pre-fabricated off site, which expedites construction, reduces waste, and minimizes traffic. Steel was chosen as the primary building material because of its high recycled content and potential for future recycling. The long-span steel structure is built for disassembly, utilizing bolted rather than welded connections, facilitating easy alterations as well as end-of-life recycling.

The wall panels and roof assembly provide high insulation value (R-40) ensuring low energy consumption and high acoustical control. Additional acoustical panels are placed in each classroom to create the best educational environment. The building is wrapped by a solar skin which creates a double facade for solar, acoustical, and environmental control in response to site conditions and orientation. Consisting of modular panels they help to optimize day-lighting and energy performance. Additional features include rooftop skylights for abundant natural daylight, and operable windows and clerestory windows for both natural ventilation and daylight.

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