Xb20-RD – Refugee Shelter

The UNHCR’s Handbook for Emergencies states that disaster relief housing should provide inhabitants with protection from the weather and extreme temperature, security, safety, privacy, and storage. Nevertheless, the majority of refugees are housed in tents that fall short of the UNHCR goals and deteriorate within three years. Xb20-RD units are designed for permanence, as the average stay at refugee camps has now reached 20 years. Xb20-RD units are durable, flexible, and designed for resiliency – a place to call home. P.V. film on the roof panels generates sufficient energy for interior LED lighting and cell phone charging.
Xb20-RD units are shipped flat with six major pre-assembled and expandable modular components. The systems are simple, passive, flexible, and suitable for remote and diverse contexts, climates, solar orientations, and terrains. The smooth, white wall panels can easily be personalized and contextualized with vibrant colors, patterns, and decorations.
Xb20-RD units come in two different plan configurations, rectangular and round (dodecagon). The rectangular unit measures 2m x 3m for up to three occupants, and the round unit measures 4m in diameter for a larger family size. Both types are stackable for a larger clan size or for higher density development in tight urban sites.
The main components of the Xb20-RD units are made with bamboo. Bamboo is very strong, lightweight, fast-growing, durable, and rapidly renewable. Bamboo is high in yield, oxygen production, and carbon sequestration. Most importantly, Xb20-RD units promote social enterprise utilizing bamboo as an economic driver for regions at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

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