Woodcrest Los Angeles County Library

1340 W 106th Street,
Westmont, CA 90044

The Butterfly Sculpture is a new public art installation at the Woodcrest Library. The butterfly, and its transformation from a caterpillar, is an inspiring symbol of change. The outdoor plaza at Woodcrest Library has the opportunity to become a central social space, one for gathering, celebrating, and supporting community events. The butterfly, like other pollinators, plays a role in nature similar to the role that the library plays in the Westmont community. The Butterfly Sculpture celebrates this similarity of purpose and reimagines the plaza as an outdoor extension of the library where young minds can be nourished and nature can flourish.

The Butterfly Sculpture was designed and fabricated by Swift Lee Office, an architecture design lab and workshop. Swift Lee Office strives to create works that exhibit meaningful transformative effects of architecture on everyday life with a spirit of inventiveness and playfulness via the interest in the cross-disciplinary practice of art, architecture, and making.

The Butterfly Scupture was facilitated by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Los Angeles County Library, and the Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Special support was provided by Erin Harkey and Pauline Kamiyama of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and Sara Daleiden of s(o)ul.

ServicesPublic Art, Installation, Mural Year2016