Rocketship Delta Prep



Rocketship Delta Prep

Antioch, California

As a further iteration of SLO's Net Zero Energy School Prototype, Rocketship Delta Prep embraces a reduced environmental footprint and cultivates its community values in every facet of the facility, from the building structure itself to educational programming and use of open space. The  long span steel structures and clustered classroom configuration around a large central learning space facilitate a variety of spaces, yet remain adaptable to future changes in program, size, pedagogy, technology, and operations.  

The two-story building is located at the front of the 1.7-acre site, leaving the back and side areas open for continuous play space, including a play structure, soccer field and basketball court, lunch shelter, and learning garden boxes and tree grove. The site and landscape design strategies center around coordinating bioswales of drought-tolerant and native species to treat stormwater runoff, creating a learning space open to the community.  

The architectural design draws from early Californian history, with a modern interpretation of Spanish mission elements. Historical influences are visible in various details, colors, and finishes. Design elements are carried inside, with an arched corridor, accented alcoves featuring traditional Spanish ceramic tiles, and the custom ceramic tile-clad reception desk. The arches in the perforated metal solar screen to the wood-clad balcony projections, and the highlights of color on structural expressions demonstrate the interplay between historical influences, new interpretations, and innovative design.  

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Rocketship Public Schools


Underwood & Rosenblum, Inc., civil engineer
Thornton Tomasetti Inc., structural engineer
ANLA Associates, Inc., landscape architect
Building Science Studio LLC, sustainability consultants


Hilbers Inc., general contractor
Bothman Construction
Dickson Mechanical
Allcom Plumbing
B & H Electric, Inc.
Intermountain Electric