Ed Fickett Residence

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Ed Fickett Residence

Sherman Oaks, California

For this interior remodel and second story addition to an existing 1955, one-story residence originally designed by Edward Fickett, emphasis was placed on respecting the integrity of the post-war affordable housing model, in terms of economy of construction and visual modesty; additional constraints from the low-visibility design review requirements for outer Mulhoulland corridor.

Simultaneously, SLO's expectations demanded an attempt to separate the project from its predecessor, conceptually and physically, manifesting itself in the 900 sf addition's precarious overhang over the original 2200 sf house. Corrugated metal siding, epoxy flooring, aluminum windows and custom spiral stair represents some of the material elements that were intended to contemporize the overall building.  Ground floor removal of few key interior walls around the entry and kitchen area resulted in a renewed visual connection between entry, kitchen, dining and living areas. Introduction of new posts and beans where walls once stood also resulted in a simplified expression of load-bearing components. 

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Houck Construction Inc., contractor
Elon Schoenholz, photography

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