Henderson Residence



Henderson Residence

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Henderson Residence is located just 8 miles outside of the Las Vegas Strip. With its proximity to the alluring view, the house is positioned to take in the full 180- degree panorama. The owner plans to use the house to both live and work, so the main part of the house is organized around the division and connection of two programs. The experience of the house is, however, more about the promenade organized about the many courtyard/void spaces. The spatial sequence is further felt as the spaces move horizontally through the play of solid and void spaces, and through the various ground planes and vertical courtyard spaces/shafts. In addition to the spatial, visual, and dynamic functions of the courtyards, they serve an important function of cooling and shading the house in the dessert climate where the temperature hovers close to 110 ° F in summer. The shadow play of the solar slats of the voids compliments the rudimentary boxes arranged according to the various programmatic zones. The layered transparency of the façade fulfills its pragmatic privacy requirement as well as our desire to create a dynamic legibility of the façades.

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Carole Katleman, interior design
Dan Cuevas, interior design
Jeff Grover Design, associate architect

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