On-Call A/E Services for Orange County Public Works

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On-Call A/E Services for Orange County Public Works


Most of our Orange County (OC) projects comprise alterations and additions to existing structures, including ADA accessibility; mechanical, electrical, plumbing; structural engineering; and fire-life-safety upgrades. We have worked with OC libraries to make general interior improvements, such as consolidating circulation and reference desks, and OC Parks on facility improvements and replacement projects. 

OC On-Call projects demonstrate our ability to follow established design standards and project management protocols, prepare design presentations and achieve consensus among various project stakeholders, manage sub-consultants, secure regulatory approvals for public facilities, and manage project schedules and budget. Our designs incorporate several sustainable features: water-metering shower controls for water conservation; use of alternative, non-toxic wood preservatives and naturally decay-resistant wood species. 

Recently completed projects include:

  • Mile Square Multi-Sport Facility (2018)

  • Chapman Library (2017)

  • OC Animal Care Basis of Design (2017)

  • Mason Park Restroom (2016)

  • Mason Park Shelter (2016)

  • Craig Park Nature Center (2015)

  • Craig Park Shelter (2015)

  • Santiago Oaks Nature Center (2015)

  • Newport Beach Harbor Patrol (2015)

  • Yorba Regional Park Maintenance Building (2015)

  • Salt Creek Beach Restrooms (2014)

  • OC Parks HQ Lounge Renovation (2014)

  • Irvine Park Boathouse (2011)

  • OC Zoo Building Addition (2010)

  • OC Zoo Reptile Building Remodel (2010)

  • Bluff Park Picnic Shelters (2010)

  • O’Neill Park Showers (2010)

  • Key Ranch Park Upgrade (2010)

  • Caspers Park Maintenance Building (2010)

Courtesy of Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates

Courtesy of Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates

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